Restaurant in the Haut-Doubs

Spirit of the Franc-Comtoise cuisine

In the Haut-Doubs, the restaurant of L'Atelier de Donat offers you a "trendy" cuisine. This is inspired by the "bistronomie" : gourmet flavours, generous recipes and "brasserie" dishes... All done according to creativ inspiration that will surprise you.

Alongside these dishes inspired by French gastronomy, we proposed for you our versions of the regional classics like the perche and lake fish fillets. Regional suggestions that will plunge you into the heart of the Franche-Comté lands.

All our dishes are homemade from 100% fresh products.

The Chef Raphaelle Vernier

In 2015, while L'Atelier de Donat opened its doors on the shores of lake Mabuisson. Raphaëlle Vernier took the lead of the kitchens. After attending a trainig course at the prestigious Alain Ducasse Center, she now offers her own vision of cooking.

This vision focuses mainly on the product, which she chooses from local producers and suppliers sharing similar requirements in terms of freshness and quality.

Passionate about cooking, creative and in love with beautiful products: Chef Raphaëlle Vernier, also owner of the establishment, shares with you her conception of good things, through quality meals that she concocts to always satisfy you .